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"Warm House"

Joint campaign by Save Pets of Ukraine and Greater Good Charities

The All-Ukrainian study of the needs of shelters for animals, conducted in early 2023 by the Kormotech company and the Sotsioinform center, revealed that one of the urgent problems is the lack of warm dog houses and materials for insulation and heating of premises.

Therefore, the Save Pets of Ukraine initiative together with the U-Hearts Foundation and the Greater Good Charities organization launched the "Warm House" campaign. More than 50 shelters for animals throughout Ukraine will receive 400 warm houses for dogs of medium and large breeds. And also blankets, toys and feed. The first 100 houses have already been installed in shelters, the rest will be delivered within a month.

Save Pets of Ukraine calls on everyone who cares to help homeless animals survive the cold. For this, it is enough to give them warm water and food, you can build a house from improvised materials, insulate it with a blanket or warm things.


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