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Christmas holidays: danger for four-legged friends

How to protect pets from holiday temptations

Save Pets of Ukraine social initiative founded by Kormotech on the eve of Christmas holidays calls on all pet parents to be vigilant, because many festive attributes pose a potential threat to pets. The most frequent consequences of the celebration for them are: poisoning, allergies and intestinal obstruction.


The Save Pets of Ukraine team has prepared a selection of safety rules that will help make the holidays safe for your pet.


1. Christmas decor and Christmas tree.


When decorating your home or Christmas tree with holiday decorations, make sure that they are at a safe level and that an animal cannot reach and eat them.


Note that dogs are more interested in decorations, and cats are more interested in raindrops. Garlands and raindrops on the Christmas tree can cause a lot of trouble.


Also, make sure that the animal does not eat needles from the Christmas tree and does not prick itself.


2. Food from the festive table.


Animals should not be given food from your table, it is too high-calorie, salty and fatty for them. As a result, the animal will get an upset stomach or pancreatitis.


It is better to buy special goodies for animals and give them during your feast.


 3. Food wrappers, gifts and toys.


Wrappings from candy or gifts also pose a threat to the health of your pets. Foreign bodies that enter the digestive tract require urgent surgical intervention. Otherwise, they can cause intestinal damage and intestinal obstruction.


4. Strangers (guests).


Before the arrival of guests, the dog must be fed so that it does not beg for food. Guests should be asked not to give anything from the table. It is also important to prepare a quiet place for your pet to rest in the apartment.


5. Fireworks, firecrackers and other pyrotechnics


Now it is forbidden to set off fireworks, firecrackers, etc., but people can still do it.


o You should not go outside with your dog during the salute! It is better to take a good walk and play with your pet on the eve of the celebration.

o If there is any unavoidable need to go out with the dog during the salute, wear a collar with a leash or a harness with a leash.

Be sure to check that there is an address pendant!

o Dogs living outside must be closed in an enclosure.


Don't let dogs off leash on New Year's Eve. They can get scared and run away.


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