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Our help in November-December

We report on the help provided to pets

We unite in a single chain so that the four-legged friends continue to receive help.


At the beginning of the winter period, we started a large-scale "Warm House" project together with Greater Good Charities and have already sent 256 houses to shelters in different regions of Ukraine.


Also in November and December we provided 97,330 kg of petfood, 2,814 vaccines and medical preparations, and 370 toys, some of which were donated by guests of Kurazh.


With the support of Nova Posta, we were able to quickly and safely deliver aid to our coordination centers across Ukraine.

And in order to warm even more furry paws in shelters, together with our partner Epicentr, we launched an extremely important special operation "Warm paws".

Become heroes for four-legged friends with us!


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