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Save Pets of Ukraine: continuing to provide high-quality, comprehensive support for our four-legged friends

The full-scale Russian invasion has changed the life of every Ukrainian, but it also impacted animals’ lives. From the first days of March 2022, Kormotech – a Ukrainian manufacturer of food for cats and dogs – pledged to coordinate efforts to help save animals and created the "Save Pets of Ukraine" initiative. Kormotech provided 200 tons of its own dog and cat food. The company began establishing a global chain of aid under the framework of the project, bringing together non-profits and commercial institutions globally.


The primary task was to provide our four-legged friends with food. We have received over 21,000 requests for help from pet owners, animal rescue volunteers, shelters and breeders. The Save Pets of Ukraine team works 24/7 to bring assistance: purchasing food, providing logistics, and organizing deliveries of humanitarian goods throughout Ukraine, primarily on contact lines and in front-line zones. In this way, we aim to meet the needs of all those who have asked for assistance.


Over time, we have seen changes in the nature of the challenges facing animals. Sadly, the war has left many pets without owners or proper, constant care. Shelters, especially on contact lines, are now overcrowded, and those animals that were evacuated are being settled in new locations. There are not enough resources for food, veterinary care, arrangement of proper conditions and shelters for animals.

The purpose of the Save Pets of Ukraine initiative is to provide comprehensive assistance for animals through food, basic veterinary care and ensure that our four-legged friends are with loving humans. Judging from the number of requests, we understand that shelters and animal rescue volunteers need special support at this time. Therefore, the Save Pets of Ukraine initiative continues to distribute food in the regions to everyone who has already asked for help. In the future, we will continue with our mission of comprehensive assistance for pets, while accepting applications only from shelters and animal rescue volunteers. At the same time, we are working to form a wide-scale animal rescue volunteer network, which, in the future, will support pet owners in different regions, and thus simplify the way in which humanitarian support is received. 


We believe in victory and continue to provide high-quality, comprehensive help to our four-legged friends.

From March 1, 2022, we

собачья еда


1660 tons

of free pet food

to pets in trouble



300 000+

cats and dogs

We report daily on who receives help on our social networks here

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How do we operate?


We identify the problems facing animal rescue volunteers and shelters and help to solve them physically and by providing information.


We raise external funding to the account of the U-Hearts international fund in the European Union and convert this into humanitarian assistance for pets in Ukraine.


We help animal rescue volunteers and shelters, with those on contact lines as a priority, as well as those who have evacuated to safer regions. For pet owners in regions with a more stable situation, we provide updated information about pet shops that are open in their area.

For breeders, we offer discounts under the Pet Expert program.

If you’re ready to join our team or to help by providing the goods for pets or with transportation, please, leave your contacts

If you’re ready to help financially, leave your contacts here

Application for assistance for animal volunteers

Application for assistance for shelters

For pet owners in relatively quiet regions, we collect information about pet shops that continue to work

Media about our project

Report about our help

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