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The danger of self-walking for pets

We urge pet owners not to let them out for a walk. This can lead to serious problems. Read for more details

· · Car injuries

Due to the lack of control of the owner, the pet can get under the vehicle. Drivers may accidentally run over your pet.

· · Injuries from a group of animals guarding their territory

Self-walking can increase the risk of conflicts with other animals. A pet can provoke other animals who can seriously injure him.

· · Uncontrolled reproduction

Applies to animals that are not sterilized.

· · The risk of getting a disease or an infection

During walks, animals can pick up and smell dangerous substances, eat poisonous plants or contact sick animals. As a result, poisoning, illness or the transmission of infectious diseases can occur, which can lead to serious complications.

· · The risk of encountering people who do not like animals

These people specially scatter poison on the streets of the city, and others can simply cause bodily harm to your pet. Unfortunately, such cases are increasing.

Therefore, walks should only be under the control of the petparent. Take care of yourself and your tails!


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