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Report for August

And the results of the summer

The Save Pets of Ukraine initiative continues to save four-legged friends. In August, our team provided 44,000 kg of petfood and 3,740 medical preparations for animals. More details - on the image.

We are summing up the aid for the summer, which was full of various events.

Unfortunately, it started with a tragedy. When it became known about the undermining of the Kakhovka HPP dam, volunteer organizations appealed to our initiative, and we provided them with food for animals, cages, leashes, and later with other things necessary for rescuing animals from flooded buildings.

Thanks to our joint efforts, we managed to save ~ 1500 animals.

There were also positive moments. Our initiative:

1. Collected a database of shelters that sheltered rescued tails from the Kherson region. Together with the partner MauDau, we launched the "Suspended Feed" charity project.

2. Supported the largest sterilization missions in the Chernobyl zone, Kherson, Donetsk, Lviv regions and provided petfood, processing preparations, cages for animals.

3. Took part in the Kurazh charity festival. We collected donations for animal feed and 328 toys, which were given to the pets in shelters so that they could socialize.

4. Created the "Volunteer's Guide" to encourage people to help shelters not only with donations, but also physically.

The total amount of aid with petfood in the summer amounted to 153,154 kg.


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