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Pets go abroad

What is needed today to leave Ukraine

At the beginning of the full-scale war, the procedure for taking animals abroad was greatly simplified, so many owners were able to take their pets to safe places without any problems. However, from July 2022, the conditions have changed. Now, in order for pets to leave Ukraine, they must have:

  • chip

  • vaccination against rabies, made no earlier than 30 days before departure

  • an international passport issued by the State City Veterinary Service in paper form

  • titer test for antibodies (but not all countries require it)

  • health certificate issued 5 days before the trip *This certificate at the border will be converted by the Veterinary Border Service into an international certificate valid for ten days.

Chipping and vaccination can be done in both public and private clinics. Important: the antibody test is done one month after vaccination. Therefore, it is worth preparing for the trip in advance. We wish you and your pets pleasant travels!


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