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Our help in September-October

Report on the amount of help given to four-legged friends

We continue to help pets throughout Ukraine and report on it.

In September and October, our team delivered 59,723 kg of petfood, beds, cages, toys and very important medicines and vaccines in the amount of 16,252 pcs.

Vaccines and medicines were an element in supporting the sterilization missions that took place during this period:

1. The Dogs of Chornobyl mission to sterilize animals in the city of Slavutych and the Chornobyl zone from the Clean Futures Fund.

2. The second largest sterilization mission in Lviv at the "Home of Rescued Animals" with the support of our partner Greater Good Charities.

3. Sterilization mission from the charitable foundation "12 Guards" and the team of the German foundation Tiernothilfe Ukraine in Avdiivka, Myrnograd, Pokrovsk, Druzhkivka, Toretsk, Dobropilla. 300 animals were processed and sterilized.

4. Sterilization mission of BF "VetEvak" in Zaporizhzhya region, where 235 animals were sterilized and vaccinated.

Thank you to everyone who joins our powerful aid chain and makes an important contribution to saving pets in Ukraine.


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