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Our help in April-May

As well as support for rescue missions in the Kherson region

The powerful chain of help for pets, created by the Save Pets of Ukraine initiative, has already provided food to more than 800 territorial communities of Ukraine, thus feeding more than 300,000 tails.

Unfortunately, since the full-scale invasion, almost every day we read the news about tragedies of various magnitudes. But the explosion of the Kakhovka HPP dam this month shook every Ukrainian. The tragedy united many organizations and volunteers, who promptly extended their helping hands.

Our initiative supported 13 volunteer groups/public organizations and provided:

  • 6,000 kg of feed, special milk for kittens, as well as tasty snacks to attract the attention of hungry animals that were running away from rescuers.

  • Metal saws for cutting chains and locks, nets for catching animals and gloves.

  • Cages and carriers for moving animals to safer areas.

  • Medicines: antiseptics and sedatives

According to our rescue partners, we managed to save and feed about 1,500 animals.

The Save Pets of Ukraine initiative also focused its assistance on shelters that sheltered animals from the Kherson region and provided them with food.

We continue to rescue the tails suffering from russian aggression: we feed them, take care of their health and help them find a loving home.

Support the initiative with donations so that together we can save even more tails.


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