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Our achievements in 2022

We share the results of the Save Pets of Ukraine work

Save Pets of Ukraine is All-Ukrainian initiative for comprehensive assistance to four-legged pets during the war. Founded by Kormotech, the Ukrainian manufacturer of food for cats and dogs.

At the moment, the initiative provides food for shelters and animal volunteers, medical drugs for veterinarians and implements comprehensive support for shelters for cats and dogs.

Since the founding of Save Pets of Ukraine in March, we have managed to:

  • Save 230,000 cats and dogs

  • Provide 916 tons of free pet food

  • Accept 29,805 applications

  • Provide 1,000 vaccines and 675 medicines

  • Provide 2 generators and 4 heaters

  • Help shelters and animal volunteers in 24 regions of Ukraine

We thank all our partners for their support. Thank you for every donation, repost, feedback. We continue to work to make the pets of Ukraine a little happier.


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