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How to choose ammunition for pets

Tips from Save Pets of Ukraine and a dog trainer

Ammunition is a set of equipment that provides "communication" between the animal and its owner. It includes: a collar or harness, a leash, carabiners and fasteners, a muzzle.

Properly selected equipment will support the educational process and help protect your pet from accidents.

The Save Pets of Ukraine initiative and cynologist Toma Voinova have collected tips on choosing ammunition for the comfort and safety of your dog.


A collar is a product in the form of a ring made of leather, fabric, metal, plastic with a fastener, which is worn around the animal's neck. It is proof that the dog is not homeless and has owners. The main advantage of the collar is its practicality and complete control over the pet, including during training, when practicing commands.

A walking harness is used as a substitute for a collar. Suitable for dogs with congenital or acquired diseases, or for animals that pull on the leash or twist out of the collar. It is very important to choose the harness correctly! It should not rub the skin or create other discomfort. For example, pets with long, fluffy hair are more likely to suffer from a harness, because under the belts, knots quickly form and break out in places. The main advantage of the harness is in the even distribution of the load on the back, but it minimally affects the process of raising the tail.

⁃ "If your pet has no congenital or acquired diseases, then you should choose a collar with a leash" - based on her experience, recommends cynologist Toma Voinova.


A classic leash is an important addition to a collar or harness. The leash should be selected taking into account the breed, the age of the pet and how active and energetic it is. A large dog needs a stronger leash than a small breed. Usually the length of the leash is about 2-2.5 m. A short version of 1.5 m is necessary for moving on crowded streets, trips in transport or a visit to the veterinarian. Leashes longer than 5 m are best used when your pet knows and clearly follows commands.

Roulette. Roulette leashes are very popular now. The advantage of this design is the ability to give the pet enough freedom and adjust the length with a simple push of a button. But it is good for small and medium pets weighing up to 30 kg. If a large dog lunges to the side, the locking system of the roulette may not work, and the owner will lose control of the situation. A dog can get under a car, harm itself, another pet or a person.

"The accessory must correspond to the breed of the pet and its temperament," insists the dog specialist.

3. Muzzle

A muzzle is a product that restricts the opening of the mouth, prevents the animal from biting or picking up random street food from the ground.

Ideally, choose a basket muzzle. It should sit tight enough so that the dog cannot remove it over the head, and at the same time, not pressurize, so that the pet can breathe comfortably, opening its mouth and sticking out its tongue.

For aggressive dogs, it is better to buy solid leather muzzles. Muzzles in the form of a loop are unreliable, but they are excellent for instant subjugation of an animal. They are used to fix the dog's mouth in specific situations, for example, for visiting the veterinarian or crossing a busy place. Fabric synthetic muzzles should be used only for a short time when the dog is in it: during vaccinations or trips in transport.

⁃ "The biggest mistake in raising a pet is giving the puppy complete freedom. Start teaching him from the moment the tail appeared in your family and accustom the dog to ammunition from the age of three months" - recommends cynologist Toma Voinova.


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