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Heating season

How to keep humidity for your pet's comfort

From the first days of winter, the temperature drops lower and the heating becomes more intense.

During the heating season, pets may have problems with their fur. In addition, dry air can dry out the mucous membrane of their respiratory tract.

The reason for more frequent diseases (including in humans) at this time of the year is also the lack of humidity.

Therefore, we would like to remind you the tips that will help maintain normal air humidity during the heating season.

1️. Remove the pet's bed away from radiators.

2️. Lower the temperature in the radiators

It is better to lower the temperature in the batteries so that it is no more than 20-23 degrees in the room. You can also cover the radiators with curtains.

3️. Turn on the humidifier

During heating, it is extremely important device that maintains optimal indoor humidity (40-60%).

4️. Containers with water

If you do not have special humidification devices, place containers of water near the batteries and change the water in them every day.

5️. Frequent ventilation and wet cleaning.

Ventilate the room at least once a day and perform wet cleaning.

6️. Watering flowers.

Do not forget to water the flowers. Thanks to them, your home is filled with oxygen, which helps you and your pet breathe freely.


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