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Heat: water mode for pets

Advice on how much water you should give to your pets

Water is an extremely important component in the diet of all animals.

The body of pets consists of 65-75% water, which is why it is important for them to maintain a water balance, just like us.

It is impossible and not worth forcing an animal to drink water. Four-legged friends perfectly feel their needs and drink as much as they think is necessary.

Interesting fact: "A dog needs from 60 to 70 ml of water per 1 kg of body weight, a cat - from 30 to 50 ml" - this is if we are talking about feeding exclusively dry food. Wet rations and home-cooked food require less water consumption.

When observing the animal's drinking regime, you should pay attention to:

o Amount of water consumption per day.

o Water quality

If you are unsure about the safety of tap water, you should choose purified water. It is necessary to change the water every day.

o Physico-chemical indicators of feed and its individual (moisture-retaining) components.

o The pet's age

After 10 years of age, the level of water balance in the pet’s body can decrease by 40%. Therefore, you should not force an elderly animal to consume a large amount of water, because this can cause swelling.

o Gender and physiological state

If the animal is feeding new offspring, its need for water will be higher than normal.

o Activity of the animal.

Do you enjoy spending time with your tail and playing active games? Be prepared to provide more frequent and larger volumes of water.

o Presence of diseases.

Thirst can increase with hormonal diseases and inflammatory processes in the body.


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