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Blackout with four legs

Tips on how to prepare

At the moment we can't be 100% sure whether there will be blackouts this year, but we definitely have plenty of time to prepare.

Mass power outages have a negative impact not only on people, but also on pets. Therefore, the social initiative Save Pets of Ukraine by Kormotech calls on pet parents to provide their pets with basic things in advance. Take care of your safety and the safety of your four-legged friend.


1. Stock of food. Give preference to dry or other foods that can be stored without a refrigerator.

2. Water supply. Collect drinking water for animals separately in several bottles.

3. Stock of medicines. Buy the necessary veterinary drugs if your pet needs them.

4. Stock of clothes. Collect clothes that can serve as heating in case of no heat supply.

5. Hygiene products. Get some wet wipes to wash your pet's paws in case your water supply goes out along with the lights.

6. Documents. Collect all of your tail's documents and keep them with yours.

7. Pay attention to the animals and make sure they are safe. For example, when you light candles, do not leave the tails alone.

Remember that you can help your neighbors (retirees or those with reduced mobility) who may find it difficult to care for an animal in the event of a power outage.

In particular, you can offer help with walking the pet if the elevator is not working.


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