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A large census of animal shelters

For the first time in Ukraine, a single database of shelters for dogs and cats will be created in order to provide more systematic and effective assistance to these institutions.

The main goal of the project is to record animals living in shelters, as well as to create and maintain a database of organizations that maintain these shelters in order to forecast the necessary volume of help. In addition, the census will allow to determine the problems of institutions that care for animals. Based on the collected data, strategic assistance programs will be developed and implemented. The project started as part of our Save Pets of Ukraine initiative, founded by Kormotech, a national pet food manufacturer.

The "Socioinform" research center is engaged in the census of animal shelters. The database includes shelters, sterilization centers and volunteers who have given shelter to at least 20 animals (dogs and cats).

The research includes 2 stages:

1. Search for agents (shelters and centers) through Google services.

2. The "snowball method" (when the agent who got into the base recommends colleagues in the city and region).

The Kormotech company has been rescuing animals from war since 2014, and with the full-scale invasion it became clear - we need to build an organized system of animal support in Ukraine. This is how the Save Pets of Ukraine initiative appeared, which formed a global aid chain, uniting charitable organizations and business structures in different countries. Thanks to the efforts of Save Pets of Ukraine, more than 200,000 dogs and cats in Ukraine have been saved since the beginning of the war. Our goal is comprehensive assistance to animals. At the moment, we provide food for shelters and volunteers, medical drugs for veterinarians and implement comprehensive support for shelters for cats and dogs. Our team processed almost 29,000 applications and handed over 825 tons of fodder for animals that needed it for free.

To provide more systematic and high-quality assistance on its own, as well as with the involvement of donors, the Kormotech company initiated the first census of animal shelters in the country. Since the beginning of the war, the number of homeless dogs and cats has increased significantly, and the institutions that care for them are overcrowded. Thus, after February 24, 2022, new shelters and mini-shelters appeared that rescue animals on their own and need support. The purpose of the census is also to identify all new facilities that care for four-legged friends. Data collection will allow to create an effective system of timely and regular assistance.


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