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Warm houses for dogs

The Save Pets of Ukraine initiative donated warm dog houses to shelters

Since the beginning of the full-scale war, the shelters have had to face various problems.

According to our research "The impact of the war on the operation of animal shelters in Ukraine", in addition to the shortage of feed, there are problems with housing for animals in shelters. Current needs:

• Booths and cages; • Materials for repair, insulation and construction of enclosures/ ready enclosures; • Cages and carriers for transporting animals; • Premises for staff who care; • Territories for shelter construction/ territory expansion; • Enclosures for puppies younger than 3 months and sick animals.

Thanks to the support of our partner - the U-Hearts Foundation, we made booths of two different sizes to make the animals as comfortable as possible. Shelters "Give a chance" (Slovyansk) and "Virnist" (Dobropillya) have already received warm houses for their tails from our initiative. We hope the dogs will be comfortable there.

All those interested can get acquainted with complete information about our research on our website. Support our initiative and together we can help more cats and dogs.


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