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The molting season

How to deal with excess fur

With the beginning of the autumn season, all pet parents will begin to notice more and more fur from their pets.

This is a sign that the animal has begun the process of renewing its fur. Seasonal shedding is completely normal for all furries and lasts from two to four weeks.

Sometimes parasite infections or dermatological problems can be masked under shedding, so be sure to monitor your pet's behavior:

⁃ if you notice that the animal refuses to eat or behaves strangely, scratches, ulcers, rashes suddenly appeared, then be sure to consult a veterinarian.

⁃ if there are no other symptoms besides hair loss, after a few weeks everything will return to its place.

How to deal with shedding?

" Perform regular combing.

To do this, you will need a special tool that fits your ponytail: a brush, glove, fluff remover or furminator. Choose it depending on the breed and thickness of your pet's fur.

It is worth remembering that you can comb only wet wool, so you also need a combing spray.

" Follow a balanced diet.

If the diet of a dog or cat lacks useful substances, then it is necessary to review its nutrition and, if necessary, add vitamins. Especially those tails that feed on cooked food.

" Use special care products.

You can buy special shampoo and conditioner that will help speed up the hair restoration process.

" Bring the pet to ozone therapy.

In grooming salons, your pet will visit an ozone bath with special cosmetics, after which the master will be able to comb and dry the fur. Such spa procedures are effective during shedding and for dermatological problems.

Proper care of a pet will help to pass the molting period more easily.


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