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Shelter patronage

Save Pets of Ukraine launched a pilot project of shelter patronage

We realize the importance of a comprehensive approach to the care of homeless animals, so our help has long gone beyond the delivery of petfood!

The ultimate goal of the program is adoption of abandoned animals. Therefore, after 2 months of patronage, the Adopt Pets of Ukraine initiative will find new owners for animals. They are: 57 animals from 4 shelters (Okhtyrka, Truskavets, Kyiv, Horishni Plavni).

Pets in patronage receive

  • food

  • carriers/cages for transportation

  • leashes and collars for dogs

  • vaccine for immunization

  • chip

  • passport

  • preparations for external/internal treatment against parasites

  • sterilization services at a partner clinic.

One dog has already found his new family and will soon go to Germany with them.

After the successful completion of the pilot project, Save Pets of Ukraine plans to scale the patronage program to 50 shelters.


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