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Tips from the Save Pets of Ukraine initiative and dog trainer Toma Voynova

It is too difficult for pets to perceive explosions and loud noises. Do not forget that in addition to explosions from rockets, animals are frightened by sounds from fireworks and various types of pyrotechnics, so we urge you to be responsible and not to violate the law adopted by the President of Ukraine on the prohibition of the use and sale of fireworks and firecrackers.

1. During an air emergency, pack an "anxiety suitcase" not only for yourself, but also for the pet. Prepare everything you need for him:

  • dry fodder;

  • carrier for cats, dogs of small breeds or kittens/puppies;

  • water;

  • water bowl or drinking bowl;

  • bedding;

  • documents of your tail;

  • a leash so that the pet is always nearby;

  • muzzle;

  • packages for stressful "surprise".

2. Distract the pet from the events and concentrate on something else. Example:

  • offer to play with a favorite toy;

  • give treats. It's better to find a place that is as quiet and peaceful as possible (preferably without children, because their noise can also scare the animal);

  • offer to perform one of the basic commands, so the dog will concentrate on the command and hear your voice, which radiates calmness and confidence for it. Thus, everything else will fade into the background.

3. You can balance your pet's emotional state with medication, but first consult your vet. These can be:

  • special calming sprays that can be sprayed on the litter or in the carrier.

  • for cats, you can use catnip.

  • special sedative pills or liquid preparations (according to the doctor's recommendation).

4. Actions in case there is nothing at hand:

You can always hold the pet close to you and just talk to him. Try to be relaxed and, if you wish, start doing breathing exercises. The animal will feel your peace, calm down and possibly fall asleep.

The most important thing is that you are in a state of calm, then your friend will experience such events with less stress!


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