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Evacuation of animals from Kharkiv to Kyiv

Video interview of a volunteer from Denmark

Goodness knows no bounds! We would like to introduce you Joel Brejner - a volunteer from Denmark, who helps and rescues animals in Ukraine since February 27, 2022. Joel is the founder of the Danish non-profit public organization Animal Rescue Ukraine. Since the first days of the full-scale invasion, volunteers of this organization have crossed the border with Ukraine more than 60 times and evacuated more than 500 pets. They deliver food, medicine and other humanitarian aid to Ukrainian cities where people and animals need the most support.

We met Joel when he told us about the rescue mission in the Kherson region after the explosion of the Kakhovka dam, and we became friends. One day he asked us to help adopt a rescued mother dog with 11 puppies. But in fact he evacuated more dogs. How much exactly? Watch Joel's story in the video.

The Patron Pets Center agreed to take in all the rescued pets.


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