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Dangers of the warm season

How to protect your pet

Here comes the last month of spring. This means that there is more sunshine, warmth and even heat ahead

Despite all the advantages of the warm season, you should not forget about the dangers that can await your pets.

Remember! You are responsible for your pets and only you can protect them from danger

DANGER 1. Overheating in the sun

Many people overlook the fact that this can happen to their pet, but it is extremely important.

To prevent this danger, it is better to walk the tails early in the morning and closer to sunset. If there is a need to go outside during the day, then take some water with you and give four-legged friends the opportunity to be in the shade.

DANGER 2. Overheating in a closed car

It may seem like a banal thing, but there are still those people who leave their pets in closed cars, where there is no gap for air to enter. Don't do that❗️Don't harm your pet's health.

DANGER 3. Insect bites

It is in the warm season that you should be as responsible as possible when treating your pets against ticks and fleas.

Mosquitoes are also dangerous. After their bite, the tails may experience allergic reactions that will create maximum discomfort for them. In addition to allergies, another danger can occur after a bite - the disease heartworm, which can provoke thrombosis.

DANGER 4. To make him eat more than he wants

You may notice that the tail ate less food on a hot day. This is normal! You just need to reduce the volume of its portion.

DANGER 5. Remember about grooming

Undoubtedly, wool for animals plays an important role, but in the summer it needs to be trimmed more often. This will reduce the risk of overheating.

We recommend not to cut it very short, because the average length of the wool will help to avoid sunburn.

DANGER 6. Plants - prickly pears

They look like dried ears of corn. They can get to the dog's nose, ears, mouth and paw pads. Because of this, there is a risk that it will be possible to get them only by surgical intervention.

Therefore, inspect the area before releasing your furry friend into the grass.

DANGER 7. Frequent trips in a car

Try to reduce the number of trips with your pet, but if necessary, make sure there is water, open the windows or turn on the air conditioner.

Also, after staying in one position for a long time, your pet may faint after going outside, so be careful about this.


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