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Dangerous toys for pets

Save Pets of Ukraine gives advice on which animal toys to avoid

Choosing a toy for your pet is not as easy as it might seem at first glance. According to experts, even specially designed products for animals can be dangerous.

Be responsible when choosing the necessary things for your pets. Remember that only you can protect them from danger.

1. Wooden toys (horns, sticks, bones, dumbbells).

These toys are dangerous because the animal can suddenly injure the oral cavity and/or break teeth.

2. Toys with small details

If a soft toy has plastic eyes, protruding antennae, sewn-on buttons or other details, it is better to leave it in the store. Tails like to tear apart these toys and during the process may accidentally swallow some parts, as a result of which there is a risk of intestinal obstruction.

3. Balls (not all)

Avoid thin rubber balls, bouncy balls and fragile plastic discs.

Pay attention to the size of the ball: it should correspond to the size of your pet's mouth. If the ball is smaller, then there is a risk of suffocation.

We also would like to note the danger of tennis balls. The material from which they are made is dangerous and can grind the teeth and irritate the oral cavity

4. Toys made of foamed polyvinyl chloride

The texture of such toys is ideal for chewing, so animals love them very much. But they are quite harmful because of the toxic materials that give elasticity to such toys. If the pet accidentally swallows a piece of these toys, it may cause serious problems with the gastrointestinal tract, and if this is not noticed in time, spontaneous attacks of vomiting, gastritis, decreased appetite and activity may occur.

5. Plastic bottles

They attract the attention of the tail to the game with their loud sound. But you shouldn't let them play, because hard plastic can easily scratch the mouth and grind teeth, almost like sandpaper.

6. Very small toys which are easy to swallow are dangerous for all animals, especially for cats.

7. You should not buy toys with ribbons, threads or ropes for cats. They are dangerous because the pet can get very tangled.

It is also not recommended to buy toys with feathers, threads and sequins. But if you still have such a toy, because the cat is delighted with it, then watch how he behaves with it. For example, if the glitter is not securely fixed, the tail can swallow it.

When choosing toys, first of all, pay attention to their size and details.

Secondly, choose toys made of natural materials: cotton, wood, dried veins or high-quality soft rubber, latex and silicone.


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