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Cold: how to help homeless pets

Save Pets of Ukraine calls on everyone who cares to help homeless pets survive the cold

According to statistics, in our climate, up to 70% of all street puppies and kittens are unable to survive their first winter in life.

And a temperature of -5 to -10 degrees for most animals that have not found shelter or a home causes hypothermia and frostbite of body parts. Because of this, animals are forced to constantly move from place to place. They hardly sleep, get tired, lose energy. In the future, this leads to a decrease in immunity and the development of many diseases, and maybe even death.

That is why street pets need our attention. Save Pets of Ukraine provides advice on how to help them:

1. Nutrition

Feeding street animals is the easiest thing you can do. Food gives them energy and a chance to warm up.

2. Water.

Along with the food, you can provide the animals with warm water. It will not freeze as quickly as it is cold, and the tails will be able to maintain their water balance.

3. Temporary shelter

If you saw that the animal hid from the cold in your entrance, do not drive it outside. Give it the opportunity to warm up.

4. Home

You can build a temporary booth from materials at hand. If there is no such possibility, then at least arrange a place outside by sharing unnecessary blankets. And you can put foam under the blanket and the tails will be warmer.

5. Care.

If you notice signs of frostbite, you should not rub the frozen animal, as this can damage the affected body parts. It is better to immediately take the animal to a veterinarian.

6. Constant supervision

It is important to regularly check that everything is okay with the animals that surround you.

7. Cooperation with local organizations.

Find contacts of organizations involved in the protection of animals. They will be able to provide you with support or professional advice on what to do next.

8. Family.

Take the tail to your family or a temporary stay. You can visit the veterinarian, make sure that the animal is healthy, take a photo, write a post on social networks and find a new owner for the tail.

9. Financial support.

You can donate funds or material resources to local organizations that help homeless animals.


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