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A charity book about rescuing animals in the Kherson Region

Real stories about the tragedy after the explosion of the Kakhovka HPP from Save Pets of Ukraine

"Saving pets (and people) of Kherson region" is the second charity book of the Save Pets of Ukraine social initiative from Kormotech. It was created on the basis of real events from the stories of eyewitnesses who saved animals in the Kherson region after the russians blew up the Kakhovka HPP dam.

"The book contains 19 stories of incredibly brave people. Local residents whose homes were completely flooded and miraculously were not harmed. Journalist from Suspilne Media, a photographer who was up to his neck in water to take priceless shots for the world media. Volunteers who risked their own lives to save animals of Kherson region. They went out on the water, swam, dived, climbed onto roofs and trees, broke windows and doors. Many stories are closely intertwined. After all, all the heroes worked side by side with a single goal: to save pets (and people) of Kherson region" - notes in the foreword to the book Kateryna Mykhaylenko, who collected and recorded the stories.

Readers will read the story of Noah the dog, who howled in the rescue boat until the volunteers found and rescued two more dogs. About how volunteers accidentally stopped to pick up a chicken and a rooster and miraculously did not come under fire. About the Newfoundland Buddy, lost during the flood, but thanks to volunteers, his petparent found him in a shelter in the Kyiv region. About the dog that "led" the rescuers to the woman in the water who almost lost consciousness. About the shepherd girl Gina, whose photo flew around the world: she hugged the leg of her savior. But there are many poignant stories about the rescue of pets (and people) of the Kherson region.

In total, volunteers saved more than 1,500 animals during the tragedy in the Kherson region. The Save Pets of Ukraine social initiative supported 13 volunteer groups/public organizations and provided 6 tons or about 20,000 servings of food, special milk for kittens, treats to attract the attention of hungry animals fleeing from rescuers, cages, carriers, antiseptics, sedatives and much more. Subsequently, the initiative distributed another 20 tons of petfood to the shelters that became home for the animals evacuated from the Kherson region.

All funds from the book "Saving pets (and people) of Kherson region" will be sent to help shelters for dogs and cats.

You can buy the book through social networks:


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