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1 million kilograms of petfood!

Save Pets of Ukraine provided pets with 1 million kg of feed

Let's look at our results, through calculations in the study: "How the war affected the lives of homeless pets."

Almost everyone who took part in the research put fodder in the first place of the TOP needs. Based on the daily feed intake of 300 g for dogs and 250 g for cats, shelters and zoo volunteers need:

❗️ 7,740 kg of food for dogs and 4,868 kg - for cats every day; ❗️ 2,825 tons of food for dogs and 1,777 tons - for cats every year.

From March 2022 to January 2023, Save Pets of Ukraine provided 1 000 000 kilograms of food to shelters and pets volunteers, which is a quarter of the national need. 20% of this quantity was provided by the Kormotech company, the rest came from our partners U-Hearts Foundation and foreign donors.

Having the figures of the annual need for food, as well as knowing other problems of shelters, Save Pets of Ukraine plans to attract humanitarian aid even more efficiently and systematically.


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